About Sting Technologies

Founded in 2005, Sting Technologies combines its broad range of solutions and services for Information Technology and Telecommunications with its industry, technology and business process expertise to help small and mid-sized businesses in the Southern California area solve business challenges, improve efficiencies, reduce costs, run smoother and build a more competitive business. In doing so, Sting Technologies has become a trusted, reliable single-source partner for outsourced IT and Telecom solutions.

Our Client-Focused Values

Sting Technologies is committed to helping our clients streamline their business processes, increase productivity, better secure their data, and build a more competitive and more profitable business. We accomplish this by consistently striving to bring these clear values to our clients:

Trust – Sting Technologies is a support partner our clients can trust – trust with their data, trust with their IT and Telecom, and trust that we’ll be there to support them 24x7.

Peace of Mind – Sting Technologies provides our clients with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they’re hiring a real, established company – not just an individual or loose group of affiliated contractors – who will be there to back them up and support them 24x7.

Protection & Security – Sting Technologies' clients trust their data (and their customers’ data) is safe and secure – and protected from the vulnerabilities of sabotage, accidental loss or cyber threat.

Cost Reduction – Sting Technologies' clients gain cost reduction through improved productivity and uptime, and reduced IT expenses.

Flexibility – Sting Technologies' clients gain flexibility in their IT and Telecom solutions that allow them to better adapt to changing needs.

Proven Methodology – Sting Technologies employs proven methodology for IT and Telecom management and support that’s been time-tested in real-world environments.

Politics-free Services – Sting Technologies is a “heads-down” team of hard-working IT and Telecommunications experts who are easy to work with, straight-shooting professionals who don’t initiate or get involved with internal politics, territorial battles or other scenarios that serve to slow productivity.